Merry Meet and Welcome to the Global Avalon Educational Academy of Enchanted Learning.

The Global Avalon Educational Academy offers training to women and men seeking an oath-bound path that births all Goddess Allied Pagan Pathways.  This includes, but is not limited to, Asatru, Drago, Druid, Fae, Goddess, Isian, Magick, Mer, Pagan, Wicca and Witchcraft. GAEA is governed by the Global Avalon Path that follows an educational system of initiation and progression in accordance with typical circle protocols. The Global Avalon Educational Academy is the training facility for those interested in opening their own "Goddess Allied Pathway" as a "GAEA Priestess or Priest" Other classes offered are Animal Magick, Aromatherapy, Elemental Magick, Healing Magick, Herbalism, Magickal Keeper, Oracle Seer, Rune Magick, StarGazer, Stone Deva, Tarot Magick and many more.

GAEA is an eclectic religious, educational and social organization devoted to the old age when the Goddess, Animals, Earth and Avalon were revered.  We are based in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, with a Grovestead called The Avalon GroveThe Avalon Grove contains Goddess Allied Pathways that include, but is not limited to, Asatru, Drago, Druid, Fae, Goddess, Isian, Magick, Mer, Pagan, Wicca and Witchcraft, since its inception.   We fill the Wheel of the Year with an active calendar of monthly religious rituals, social activities and educational classes. This includes the Esbats, Sabbats and other activities such as educational classes, personal enrichment activities, healing circles, environmentalism, discussion groups, community volunteer work, parties, trips and much more. We do not promote alcoholism, illegal drug use or anything else that is inappropriate for children and/or Military personnel; therefore, everything we do is "family/military friendly.”

The GAEA Pathway offers a 'Staged' education system of initiation and progression that is illustrated below with each level containing a reading assignment, homework and quiz.  Everyone interested in becoming a GAEA Member will need to enroll in the Public Pagan Pathway course.  This course functions as a Gateway for those interested in learning more about Paganism and the opportunity to investigate our belief system before joining GAEA.

GAEA Pathway
Stage 0: Public Pagan Pathway Course-Quester: The exploratory level when the Quester acquires knowledge about the Goddess Allied Pagan Pathway without taking an oath.
Stage I:  New Seeker Course-Introduction: The introduction level when the Seeker joins GAEA as an oath bonded Grove Member.
Stage II:  Dedicant Course-Beginner: The beginning level when the Dedicant transitions from their current path onto the Global Avalon Path.
Stage III:  Initiate Course-Learning: The learning level when the Initiate learns the tools of Gaean Paganism.
Stage IV:  Pagan Adept Course-Applying: The Adept level when knowledge is applied into practical situations.
Stage V:  Global Avalon Priesthood Course-Teaching: When the GAEA Priesthood adds a new voice.
Stage VI:  Coven Oracle Priesthood Course-Protector: When GAEA births a new Goddess Allied Pagan Pathway.
Stage VII:  Temple Oracle Priesthood Course-Emissary: When GAEA links the Goddess Allied Pagan Pathways.
Stage VIII:  Emeritus Sage Priesthood Course-Wisdom: When the Emeritus Sage Priesthood strengthens the next generation.

The Public Pagan Pathway Course is a sixteen (16) week course that costs $44.44, payable by credit card or cash.  Upon completion of the Public Pathway course, a monthly fee of $11.11 will be required to join the GAEA Grove.  The GAEA Grove monthly fee includes the cost of enrollment in the remainder of the curriculum and additional courses offered at the Global Avalon Educational Academy. 

If you are interested in joining us, then begin with the GAEA Membership Registration. Once you complete the registration, then you will be able to pay and begin the Stage 0:  Public Pagan Pathway course.

Merry Part and Merry Meet Again,

)O( Blessed Be )O(

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